The Mordor faction has now been updated with a large variety of new heroes, units and structures. Now you can use the stealthy Orc Scouts to spy on your enemy, unleash the hideous Dark Easterlings and even destroy entire bases with Fuinur's Place Mine power. Mordor now becomes one of the game's most versatile and interesting faction.



Fuinur Fuinur is a Corsair captain in charge of the Black Ships of Southern Umbar. He belongs to an ancient race known as the Black Numenorians. Fuinur rules the Haradrim and Corsairs of Umbar and is willing to join his forces to the army of Rhun in order to help Pallando in the Wars of the East.

Fuinur is a good early-game hero. He is fast and he uses his knives efficiently. When he reaches level, 5 he gains a boost to his damage, speed and vision with his Assassin of the South ability. Fuinur can cause enormous destruction with his Place Mine power which sets a stealthed time bomb on the ground.



Khamul Khamul is a Ringwraith and the Second of the Nine. He is also known as the Shadow of the East or the Black Easterling. Before he was turned into one of the Nazgul, Khamul was the Lord of Rhun. During the War of the Ring, Pallando gave him almost unlimited power in the East. Khamul rules the armies of Shadow as a captain of both Ulairi and the Easterlings.

Khamul is an extremely useful late-game hero. He can Mount his Fellbeast, train allied Easterlings, poison and weaken enemies with the terrifying Black Breath power, bring structures to the ground with the power called Conquer, and slowly but firmly kill enemies with his great Ring of Men. When mounted, Khamul has the ability to see stealthed units. He has many advantages that should be used in battle.



Gorbag Gorbag is an Orc of Minas Morgul, the Tower of Sorcery. He took his armies to Cirith Ungol during the Siege of Minas Tirith. Gorbag is a cunning and ruthless orc and rules his minions with an iron fist.

Gorbag is a well-armored early-game hero. Even though his damage isn't very high, he has an arsenal of useful powers: he can provide special leadership bonuses to nearby allies with his Dark Pillage passive ability, assassinate enemies with his Back Stab, increase orc buildspeed with the mighty Call the Horde power. In addition, Gorbag can use his Summon Orc Guard power to call powerful orcs, wargriders, berserkers and a catapult to his aid.



Suladan Suladan, also called the Black Serpent, is the King of Harad. He leads his armies to battle on foot or on a horse, and uses his deadly bow to slaughter the Men of Gondor. Suladan was the leader of the Haradrim in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. He challenged Theoden, the King of Rohan, to a battle but was eventually killed by him.

Suladan is the only archer hero of Mordor. He is an excellent fighter and he can bring devastation to the battlefield with his Flaming Shot of Far Harad and Mumakil Rampage powers. He can also Mount a horse and permanently capture enemy resource structures.



Haradrim Spear Throwers

Haradrim Spear Throwers The Men of the barren deserts of Harad have always been fierce warriors. The lethal spears of the Haradrim have always been dreaded by the Men of the West, and the Southrons' spears inflict a vast amount of damage to the nearby foes.

Haradrim Spear Throwers are light but powerful units trained from level 2 Haradrim Palace. They come in small battalions, but when supported by heavy infantry, they can be very useful and efficient.


Half-Trolls of Far Harad

Half-Trolls of Far Harad In the dark forests of Far Harad live the legendary Mumakil. It is also the home of the dark-skinned Haradrim whose strength and size match the trolls. Therefore they are called the Half-Trolls of Far Harad, and their wrath is feared by many. The Half-Trolls live in small tribes, but during the War of the Ring Suladan unites them to one horrifying army.

The Half-Trolls of Far Harad are possibly the most powerful anti-cavalry unit of Mordor. They can gain experience from killing allied orcs, and they stab enemy riders with ease. Try to have several Half-Troll battalions in your army because these Haradrim warriors are stronger than you could expect. They are trained from level 3 Haradrim Palace.


Orc Scouts

Orc Scouts The Orcs of Mordor have always needed good scouts who can inform their leaders about their enemies. These scouts use rocks and trees as cover, and sometimes they carry torches to help them to see in the dark.

The Orc Scouts are weak but stealthy and fast. They are trained from level 2 Orc Pit. They can't attack, so their main use is to capture structures or quickly spy on your enemy's base. Try not to have too many of these units on the battlefield, because in big numbers they can be quite useless.


Soldiers of Rhun

Soldiers of Rhun The proud Men of the East have developed an exceptional culture in the lands of Rhun. They are skilful warriors, and their new leader, Romestamo, builds an army that can match even the forces of Gondor. The Soldiers of Rhun are the cornerstone of the army, and their spears can pierce any Soldier of the West.

The Soldiers of Rhun are both Hero Slayers and elite infantry. They are strong against pikemen and heroes, and they cause meta impact with their heavy weapons. The Soldiers of Rhun are trained from the Hall of Rhun and they can easily eliminate enemy heroes and pikemen.


Dark Easterlings

Dark Easterlings The cunning and evil Blue Wizard Pallando deceived the Easterlings to serve him. Some of the Men of Rhun became so loyal to their leader, that Pallando gave them some of his powers. They became shadowy and menacing warriors known as the Dark Easterlings. The Dark Easterlings use their extraordinary power and strength to kill anyone who opposes their master.

Dark Easterlings are trained from level 2 Hall of Rhun. They are an anti-cavalry unit, but they can also destroy siege weapons quite well. When they are upgraded with Sorcery of Rhun they deal fire damage and become even stronger. When supported by other units, the Dark Easterlings are worth being trained.



Grond Named after the mighty mace of Morgoth, Grond, the Hammer of underworld, is the most powerful siege machine of the Third Age. The wolf-shaped Grond was used to shatter the Gates of Minas Tirith during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. It stroke fear into the hearts of the Men of Gondor, and stories remember Grond as one of the greatest horrors of that battle.

Grond is only available in the Minas Tirith map. It is built from level 3 Great Siege Works, and it has a power called Dark Cloud which makes enemy units weaker and slower. Grond can easily destroy gates and structures, but it can also be used to crush enemy infantry.
Grond is also available for the Isengard faction in Minas Tirith.



Statue of the Necromancer

Statue of the Necromancer The Necromancer of Dol Guldur, also known as Sauron, has inspired the evil orcs and men of Mordor throughout the ages. The Statue of the Necromancer structure provides leadership bonuses to nearby allies. It also raises the Command Point limit by 50.


Hall of Rhun

Hall of Rhun The mysterious land of Rhun is the home of the Easterlings. The Hall of Rhun is the building which trains Soldiers of Rhun and Dark Easterlings. When you upgrade the structure to level 3, you can research the upgrade known as Sorcery of Rhun.


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