Even though the first version of the Wars of the East modification has been finished, the mod itself will be updated in the future.
The changes that I can reveal at this point are the following:
- Major bugs fixed
- New evil heroes (e.g. an orc hero for Angmar)
- New faction, Corrupted Men, that will replace the Goblins
- New palantir & button art
- New voices
- New maps
- New units for all the factions
- New skins
- New color theme
- Possibly a new campaign if a mapper joins the mod team

That was a brief description of the future of the mod. I can't give you any release dates for the Second Version at this point, because it hasn't been started yet and it requires a lot of work (especially creating a new faction). So stay tuned for updates and remember to visit the Forums for additional information.

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