The expanded Angmar faction now gives you the possibility to have a mini-hero horde on the battlefield, defend your base with the terrifying undead Mewlips and even summon Carcharoth, the Great Wolf of the First Age, as the new Ringhero of Angmar.



Carcharoth Carcharoth was the greatest of the wolves of the First Age. Morgoth created Carcharoth for only one reason: to kill Huan, who would only be slain by the biggest wolf on Earth. When Carcharoth swallowed a Silmaril he became furious and aggressive and killed Beren and fought against Huan, who managed to kill the Great Wolf. Eventually Huan got poisoned in the battle and died soon after Carcharoth.

Carcharoth is the new Ringhero of Angmar. He is extremely powerful and when he uses his Burning Silmaril power he becomes unstoppable and sets units on fire. Carcharoth has a variety of other useful powers, such as Wolf of Morgoth which makes wolves stronger, Defender of Angband which is used to strengthen structures and Bane of Heroes which instantly kills any hero.




Mewlip Mewlips are monstrous undead creatures who live in the haunted marshlands of Middle-Earth. They kill anyone they can, and then they scavange their riches to theirselves. Mewlips are ruthless and they use their venomous claws to take the lives of anyone who dares to enter their deathly swamp.

Mewlip is not a unit you can control, but it guards the Swamp, and you can release it to hunt enemies if you want. Mewlips always drain life from their victims and they deal poison damage. Their armor and strenght is very high, so they are quite useful.


Cold Drake

Cold Drake Cold Drakes are vicious flightless dragons who inhabit the northern wastelands of Middle-Earth. Some of them are allied with the Witch-king of Angmar, and fight under his banner against the Dunedain of Arnor.

Cold Drake is a heavy monster trained from the Lair of Dragons. It can use its Freezing Breath to damage and freeze enemy troops. Cold Drake is an expensive unit, but it can be very devastating when attacking.


Stone Trolls

Stone Trolls The Trolls of the lands near the Misty Mountains are fierce and strong. At dawn, sunlight turns them into stone and makes them unable to move. But Witch-king has been able to awake these stoned trolls, and now he uses their brutal might to crush the armies of Arnor.

Stone Trolls come in groups of three. They are the new mini-hero horde of Angmar; they have an excellent armor but they are very slow. Like Thorin Stonehelm, they can freeze enemies with their Harden power. In addition, Stone Trolls can use their Fury of the Trolls power to boost their strength. Stone Trolls are trained from level 3 Troll and Wolf Den.




Swamp The Swamp is the home of the Mewlips and a defensive structure of Angmar. It is always guarded by a Mewlip Sentry, who can also be released to attack freely. The Swamp can be upgraded with Gorcrows to broaden its vision, or Gallows-Weed to give pillage bonuses to Mewlips and to weaken enemy units.


Lair of Dragons

Lair of Dragons The Lair of Dragons is the place where the abominable Cold Drakes live. It is quite expensive, but it trains one of the most sinister monsters of Angmar, the Cold Drakes, so it is definitely worth building.


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