The updated Elven faction includes several new units and heroes for you to unleash. You can now defeat enemy units by using the Entings, stop cavalry rushes with the mighty Cuivienen Pikemen, summon powerful units with Bregalad's special power and more!



Alatar Alatar the Blue was sent to the East with Pallando to free the Easterlings from Sauron's dominion. However, Pallando became power-hungry and claimed the throne of Rhun to himself. Alatar, also known as Morinehtar, the Darkness Slayer, knows that he cannot defeat Pallando's armies alone. He unites the Men, Elves and Dwarves of the East to fight against a common enemy: the Easterlings and their cunning leader, Pallando.

In the Wars of the East, Alatar is the strongest hero of the Elves. He can stealth near trees, Reflect damage, make enemy units weaker by using the Corrupt Enemy power and even Summon Cuivienen Riders to the battlefield. He can eliminate any evil hero or even a Ringhero with his mighty Darkness Slayer ability.



Bregalad Bregalad (Elvish form of Quickbeam) is a hasty young Ent who accompanied Merry and Pippin during the Ent Moot. Even though he doesn't mean any harm to any good creature, he is very strong when he gets angry, especially when facing the forces of Isengard who destroyed many trees in Fangorn Forest.

Bregalad is an Ent hero of the Elves. Avoid fire arrows when you have Bregalad in your army. A good way to use him is to train him to Level 10 and attacking an enemy base with a supporting army. His Quickbeam power raises Ent buildspeed and his March of the Ents makes him faster and less vulnerable. When you use his Summon Forest Allies power, you can control Gildor, an Ent and several battalions of Elves.



Celeborn Celeborn is the wise and powerful leader of Lothlorien. His wife is Galadriel, the lady of light. Celeborn joins the fight against Sauron, and with his well-trained Galadhrim Warriors he is prepared to defeat the darkness of Rhovanion for once and for all.

As the Structure Hero of the Elves, Celeborn is a versatile unit. Use his White Tree ability to strenghten allied units. When Celeborn gets his Battle Armor, he becomes a lot stronger and when he uses his Thunder Strike special power he can blast enemy units to dust. Celeborn is recruited from Lothlorien Treehouse.



Celeborn Gildor Inglorien is the Elven lord Frodo met on his way to Bree. He eventually sailed to the West with the Ring-bearers. Gildor is a peaceful Elf and only joins the War of the Ring when all other hope is lost.

Gildor can only fight when you use Bregalad's Summon Forest Allies power. His weapon of choice is a bow, and you can use his Charge Attack to boost his speed and armor.



Galadhrim Warriors

Galadhrim Warriors Galadhrim, the Elves of the Golden Wood, Lothlorien, have developed a mighty skill of both sword and bow handling. They joined the War of the Ring by aiding the Men of Rohan in the Battle of Helm's Deep. Galadhrim are excellent warriors on the battlefield, and they are willing to defeat Sauron - no matter what it takes.

The Galadhrim Warriors can be trained from the Inn of the Lothlorien Treehouse. They are skilled with both bow and sword, so they can be used in multiple ways. Always try to have a couple of battalions of Galadhrim in your army; they are strong and when they're upgraded, they truly become elite Elven warriors.


Cuivienen Pikemen

Cuivienen Pikemen Cuivienen is the land in Eastern Middle-Earth where the first Elves were born. Even though the lands have changed their shape since the Elder Days, some Elves still inhabit the lands near Orocarni, The Red Mountains. Alatar summons these Elves to his army and to the battle against the armies of Rhun. The Elves of Cuivienen are proud and sturdy and they are convinced that Pallando must be overthrown or all hope is lost.

Cuivienen Pikemen are the elite anti-cavalry unit of the Elves. They are trained from Lothlorien Treehouse and they come in small but strong groups. Use their Starlight power to heal and buff surrounding allies.


Dorwinion Soldiers

Dorwinion Soldiers The peaceful Men of Dorwinion are famous for their exceptional wine which is even drunk by the High Elves. But when the shadow grows in Rhun, even these Men must gather their forces and join Alatar's army. Even though they do not have much fighting experience, they are skilful soldiers and use all their strength to defeat the Easterlings.

Dorwinion Soldiers are tough swordsmen trained from level 2 Elven Barracks. They are quite fast and when they are upgraded with the Wine of Dorwinion their health is increased.



Entings The Entings are young Ents. Even though their numbers are few and they do not have as much wisdom as the elder Ents, they are fearsome in battle. When Saruman turns evil and starts destroying Fangorn Forest, even the smallest Ents must fight against the forces of Isengard.

Entings are trained from the Ent Moot. Their main purpose is to kill enemy heroes, but they can also be used to demolish structures or infantry. They come in groups of three and when they are accompanied by Ents they gain armor and damage bonuses.



Lothlorien Treehouse

Lothlorien Treehouse The Golden Wood of Lorien is filled with Mallorn Trees and on top of these trees are the Flets, which are the homes of the Galadhrim. You can recruit Celeborn and train Galadhrim Warriors and Cuivienen Pikemen from the Lothlorien Treehouse. The Treehouse has a good armor and it trains powerful units - so try to have at least one of these structures in your base.


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