The Wars of the East is a large modification for the Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch-king game. It includes a wide variety of new units, heroes, structures and a lot of other things. The unit and stucture lists are found in the Factions section.

Here's a list of the things this mod includes:
- 31 new units
- 27 new heroes
- 8 new structures
- 2 new War of the Ring scenarios
- New spells and upgrades
- New maps, new Create-a-Hero powers, new Palantir menu color theme and more!

The goal of this mod is to improve the game by making each of the factions larger, more interesting and giving them new strategic options to choose from. Even though this modification doesn't include a campaign, there is a storyline that revolves around the two Blue Wizards, Alatar (good) and Pallando (evil).
The land of Rhun in the eastern Middle-Earth is the home of the violent Easterlings. Now they have a new leader, Pallando the Blue, who rules them with an iron fist and forces them to fight against the Free Peoples. Alatar must gather an army to stop Pallando's plans, knowing that if the East falls into the hands of Sauron, all hope is lost... The Wars of the East have begun.

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