The Men of the West faction has been updated: now you can use new units, heroes and spells to oppose your enemy. Build entire armies of new units, slay monsters with the Spear Throw of the Dunedain Rangers, thwart your enemy's plans with the elite Hildorien Axemen, and summon Isildur, the King of Gondor, to punish the armies of Sauron.



Denethor Denethor is the Steward of Gondor and the father of Boromir and Faramir. His wisdom was turned into madness when Sauron deceived him by using the Palantir. Denethor is a stubborn leader and is willing to fight for the White City when the time comes.

Denethor is an early-game hero of Men. He can be quite weak at the start, but when he gains his Madness power he can boost his speed and strength. At level 9 he can use the power called Pyre of Denethor to burn the battlefield with devastating effect. Denetor is a hero you should recruit at the start of the battle; he has useful powers and he can provide Leadership to allied infantry.



Damrod The agile and stealthy Ithilien Rangers have skilful captains, who usually belong to the noble race of Men called Dunedain. Damrod is one of these captains and he is ready to do anything to stop the armies of Harad from passing the forest of Ithilien. He uses his sword and bow to slay his enemies in silence and is loyal to his forces no matter what happens.

Damrod is an early mid-game ranger hero. He can use either a bow or a sword, and he can hide allied troops by using the Ranger Ambush ability. Damrod can summon a Trebutchet on the battlefield and provide Leadership for nearby units. In addition he can quickly eliminate a group of enemies with his Deadly Sniper power.



Gamling Gamling is a noble man of Rohan who helps his King in any way he can. He is part of King Theoden's guard and has fought in the battles of Helm's Deep and Pelennor Fields, and killed many servants of evil. Gamling is a relentless fighter and he defends Rohan and its King with pride and loyalty.

Gamling is the Structure Hero of Men. He is trained from Rohan Barracks, and he is an effective and strong hero. His Defender of the King ability supports Theoden, Aragorn and Eomer, and he can continue fighting after his health is depleted with his Last Stand power. Gamling can also scare enemies with his mighty Horn of the Rohirrim.



Isildur Isildur is the son of Elendil. He cut the One Ring from Sauron's hand in the Battle of the Last Alliance. Eventually he was slain by orcs in the Gladden Fields and the One Ring was lost for thousands of years. Isildur is a Man of Numenor and he is a cunning and strong warrior.

Isildur is the new Ringhero of Men of the West. He has the ability to turn invisible by using the One Ring. Isildur can kill any monster with his Monster Slayer ability and even burn and stun a large amount of enemies with the Might of the Numenorians special power. Isildur's large health and strong armor gives your armies a great advantage. He can destroy armies on his own, so he certainly is worth recruiting.



Rohan Peasants

Rohan Peasants The majority of the Men of Rohan are peasants or farmers, but when the battle calls, all must fight for their homeland. The Peasants are weak when unarmed, but when they get forged weapons and armor, they can challenge the forces of darkness in any battle.

Rohan Peasants are weak swordsmen trained from Rohan Barracks. They should always be upgraded with the Draft upgrade, otherwise they can be quite useless. The Peasants do not require much of your command points, so you should train a large amount of them in order to make them useful.


Lossoth Fighters

Lossoth Fighters The Men of Forochel are not very familiar with fighting; in fact they want to stay out of all the battles. But when the War of the Ring spreads to the lands of Forodwaith, even this peaceful race must grab their weapons and fight against the forces of evil to protect their homeland.

Lossoth Fighters are early-game infantry trained from the Inn. They have both swordsmen and pikemen in their battalions, so they are rather versatile units. Upgrade them with Draft to make them more powerful. You should also try to support them with heavier units to make them last longer in battle.


Hildorien Axemen

Hildorien Axemen Hildorien, a land east from Mordor, was the home of the first Men of Middle-Earth. Even though many travelled West, some Men stayed in the easternmost parts of Middle-Earth near the Red Mountains, where they developed their own culture and habits. During the War of the Ring Alatar unites these harsh Men and helps them to fight against the evil ruler of Rhun: Pallando.

Hildorien Axemen are extremely strong late-game infantry. Their heavy axes cause meta impact, and even though they are slow, they are very efficient and strong. Make sure these warriors last long enough to gain their Steal Resources power. Hildorien Axemen are trained from Rohan Barracks.


Dunedain Swordsmen

Dunedain Swordsmen The Men of Numenor, also known as Dunedain, are the descendants of the Edain of the First Age. Many of these Dunedain lived in the land of Arnor during the Third Age. They had first-rate weapons and their swords killed large numbers of evil creatures in the battles of the North. But when the Witch-king of Angmar came to Arnor, he defeated the Dunedain and only some of them survived and became Rangers of the North.

Dunedain Swordsmen are elite infantry units. They are trained from level 3 Barracks and they can move in block formation to improve their armor. Dunedain Swordsmen should be used in late game and they can wield their sharp swords with supreme skill.


Dunedain Rangers

Dunedain Rangers After the Fall of Arnor the Dunedain became the Rangers of the North. They wore grey clothes and they were able to assassinate enemy intruders swiftly from the cover of the trees. During the War of the Ring the Dunedain aided their leader, Aragorn when he went to the Paths of the Dead. They also joined the Battle of Pelennor Fields and helped the Men of Gondor to slaughter the forces of Mordor.

Dunedain Rangers are very strong and mobile late-game elite archers. They can cause lethal damage with their Spear Throw and when they are equiped with fire arrows they become extremely dangerous units. Dunedain Rangers are trained from level 3 Archery Range and they are always stealthed.



Rohan Barracks

Lothlorien Treehouse Rohan Barracks is a structure where you can recruit Gamling, the Structure Hero of Men, train Rohan Peasants and the elite units known as Hildorien Axemen. You can also research the Draft upgrade which is particularly useful if you have Rohan Peasants or Lossoth Fighters on the battlefield.


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