The updated Dwarven faction includes a large variety of new heroes, and now you can also use some new units on the battlefield. Use the mobile Hobbit Cavalry for scouting and fast attacks, unleash the skills of the Brown Wizard, Radagast and burn a group of enemies with Tom Bombadil's Sunflare power.


Thorin Stonehelm

Thorin Stonehelm Thorin III Stonehelm is the son of King Dain, the leader of Erebor. He uses his mighty spear to stab enemy riders and his overwhelming strength is fearsome to behold. After the death of Dain, Thorin became the new King of the Dwarves of Erebor and ruled his people wisely during the Fourth Age.

Thorin Stonehelm is a new Dwarven early-game hero. He can deal extra damage against cavalry, and he has several useful powers, so he is worth recruiting at all times. Use his Battle Shout ability to make enemies weaker and freeze units with his Harden power. When Thorin reaches level 10 he gains a passive power called Dragon Helm of Belegost that makes him fire resistant and enables him to slay dragons easily.



Grimbeorn Grimbeorn the Old is the son of Beorn, the leader of the Beornings. Grimbeorn lives in Carrock and his goal is to defend Rhovanion from the Orc and Goblin tribes of the North. He uses his deadly axe efficiently and when he transforms himself into a bear, no one can stand before him.

Grimbeorn is an early mid-game hero. He can provide pillage bonuses to nearby Dwarves and Hobbits with his Hunter ability. Grimbeorn can use his Transform power to turn into a huge bear. Use his Healing Herbs to heal friendly heroes, and boost his damage, armor and speed with his great Rampage power.



Radagast the Brown Radagast the Brown is one of the Five Wizards. He lives in Rhosgobel, a place near Mirkwood. He is a friend of the Beornings, and he can speak the languages of all the birds in Middle-Earth. Radagast takes good care of the living creatures and means no harm to anyone, but when the War of the Ring spreads to his doorstep, even the Brown Wizard must face the forces of darkness.

Radagast has an arsenal of useful powers. He can Mount his horse, hide friendly units with the Enshrouding Fog and refresh the special power timers of heroes with his Revitalize Allies power. In addition Radagast can Summon Birds of Middle-Earth and even burn and scare enemies with his powerful Blinding Light ability.



Bilbo Bilbo is the Uncle of Frodo Baggins. Bilbo was the first Hobbit who carried the One Ring, which gave Bilbo a longer lifespan. He uses his sword, Sting to slay enemies and he is a sturdy fighter who is ready to help his friends at any cost.

Bilbo is the new Structure Hero of the Dwarves. Use his Disguise ability to make him look like other units, and make him invulnerable with his Mithril Coat power. Bilbo can also use his Treachery of the Ring power to make him unstoppable and extremly powerful for a long duration. Bilbo is recruited from the Hobbit Barracks.


Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil Tom Bombadil is the mysterious and powerful master of the Old Forest. He never leaves his forest and always guards its borders. Tom Bombadil wasn't affected by the One Ring, and he is a merry old fellow who doesn't care about others' doings.

Tom Bombadil is a skilful hero. He always blasts back enemies, and with his Sonic Song ability he can cause even more devastation. Tom Bombadil can also see stealthed units with his Truesight, provide Leadership with his Inspiring Presence and freeze and damage an enemy hero with the Frostbite power. He can also burn enemies within an area with his Sun Flare power.


King of the Dead

King of the Dead King of the Dead is the leader of the Oathbreakers, who swore an oath to fight alongside Isildur, but when battle came, they did not help him. They became haunted, undead creatures that lived inside the White Mountains. During the War of the Ring, Aragorn, the heir of the Throne of Gondor, summoned the Oathbreakers to serve him. King of the Dead led his armies to a great victory at the Battle of Pelennor Field, and their oaths were finally fulfilled.

King of the Dead is the new Ringhero of the Dwarves. He rides on an undead horse and has a great variety of powers, including Train Heroes, Dominate, Shield of the Dead and the mighty Summon Oathbreaker Minions power.



Hobbit Cavalry

Hobbit Cavalry The Hobbits of Shire and the Gladden Fields are not very familiar with fighting, but they always do their best when they have to defend their homeland. Some of their warriors are mounted in battle, and even though they do not ride on full sized horses, they are swift and effective when attacking their foes.

Hobbit Cavalry are light riders trained from Hobbit Barracks. They can be upgraded with Longbottom Leaf that makes them stronger but decreases their health. When they attack in large groups, they can cause havoc on the battlefield.


Ered Luin Sentries

Ered Luin Sentries The Dwarves of the Blue Mountains, or Ered Luin, are sturdy fighters. Their elite warriors are scouts who use trees as cover and quickly kill their enemies. Ered Luin Sentries are ready to join the War of the Ring in order to defend the lands of the West.

Ered Luin Sentries are strong and fast elite infantry of the Dwarves. They can stealth near trees, and they are especially strong against siege weapons and monsters. Use them in your army as often as you can, but make sure they are supported by other units. They can also be upgraded with Longbottom Leaf which makes them stronger. Ered Luin Sentries are trained from level 2 Hall of Warriors.


Dwarven Miner

Dwarven Miner The Dwarves of Erebor have always been in the need of skilled and strong miners who are able to dig long tunnels.

The Dwarven Miner is a weak unit when fighting, but he can repair structures. He is trained from level 2 Forge Works. Make sure you have a couple of these Miners in your base, and remember to protect them with heavy units to ensure they won't get killed.



Hobbit Barracks

Hobbit Barracks Even though the Hobbits of the Shire are very peaceful, they have to fight when the war spreads to their distant land. The Hobbit Barracks is the structure from where you can train Hobbit Cavalry and recruit Bilbo.


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