In this mod the Goblin faction has been updated with several new strategic options. They now have a structure hero, elite archers, swordsmen and cavalry, two new dragon units and the deadly Wraiths of Rhun.



Pallando the BluePallando is the evil Blue Wizard. He is belongs to the Istari order, and uses his wisdom and power to rule the corrupted Men of Rhun. His other name is Romestamo, the East-Helper. He has one goal: destroy the peoples of the East who resist his might and claim all the eastern lands for Sauron.

In the Wars of the East, Pallando now acts as one of the main heroes of the Goblin faction. He has quite useful powers, and his Summon the Kraken and East Helper powers can be used to call devastating units to the battlefield. Use his Vision of Power to spy your enemy, and destroy a large amount of units with his deadly Might of the East and Dark Poison abilities.



BoldogBoldog is one of the orcs that served Morgoth in the caverns of Utumno. He has earned a powerful position during the Third Age as a captain of the Orcs of the North. He always answers to Pallando's call, and is ready to use his dark powers to defeat the West.

Boldog is the Structure Hero of the Goblins; he is recruited from the Dark Tent to cause devastation with his Sword of Utumno power. He can summon a Lone Tower and give allied goblins and orcs an armor and damage bonus.


Groth the Worm

Groth Groth the Worm belongs to a monstrous dragon race knowns as the Were-Worms. He is the leader of the dragons of the the Last Desert, the easternmost part of Middle-Earth. Groth only serves those whose powers are beyond his, and his utter cruelty gives Pallando's forces a great advantage in the war against the Free Peoples.

Groth the Worm is a strong late-game Wyrm hero. He can only be moved by using his Reposition ability. This makes him slow, but his attack power is far greater than any other Goblin hero's. He can destroy a large amount of enemies with his Sandstorm and the power known as Earthquake can be used to demolish structures.



Kraken The Kraken is the same kind a of creature as the Watcher in the water near the Gates of Moria. It lives under the sea, and is ready to strike whenever Sauron calls it to battle. Its horrible tentacles strike fear into the heart of any soldier.

Kraken is a summoned hero; it can only fight when you use Pallando's Summon the Kraken power. It has a larger health and lifetime than the Watcher, so make sure you use this monster efficently.


Gurthur the Balrog

Groth Gurthur is one of the Balrog Warriors that fought in the Wars of the First Age. He has slain many powerful opponents and during the War of the Ring he lives deep inside Orocarni, the Red Mountains in the East. When the Wars of the East begin, Gurthur awakes and is ready to annihilate all those who stand against him.

Gurthur the Balrog is the new Ringhero of the Goblin faction. He can use his Fire Whip and Explosion powers to wipe out numbers of enemies at once, and he can move to another location by using his Wings. Gurthur can also grab and transport allied units.



Gundabad Royal Guard

Gundabad Royal Guard The greatest Orc Leaders of the Misty Mountains and Mount Gundabad have always been in need of bodyguards. Only the strongest orcs were accepted to the Royal Guard, and they are loyal to their masters and kill their enemies brutally.

The Gundabad Royal Guard is the elite infantry unit of the Goblins. They are trained from level 3 Goblin Cave and they should be used as heavy infantry in mid-game. If you have Boldog in your army, make sure you use his Inspire power to boost the strenght of these relentless fighters.


Balchoth Archers

Balchoth Archers The Balchoth are famous for fighting against Cirion, a Steward of Gondor, and eventually losing in the battle of Celebrant. They are a fierce Easterling race and they show no mercy in battle. The greatest warriors of their army are their archers who sneak up on enemies and silently assassinate them.

Balchoth are stealthy elite archers, trained from the Dark Tent. Use their Assassinate Shot to kill single units such as heroes and monsters. Their strengths are their fast rate of fire and their armor, so they should definitely be part of your army in any game.


White Wolves

White Wolves The terrifying Wolves of Forodwaith have several times caused trouble to the Hobbits and Elves of Eriador. White Wolves are wild and aggressive; they kill anyone they can see and their icy bite is always deadly.

White Wolves are an effective and a fast cavalry unit. They are trained from level 2 Fissure, so you use them in early-mid game rushes. They deal Frost damage, so they can be quite strong if used in the correct way.


Wraiths of Rhun

Wraiths of Rhun The Wraiths of Rhun are victims of Pallando's deadly weapon: the Dark Poison. They serve Pallando who uses them as his fearsome bodyguards. No one can stand before the horror of these wraiths, and they obey Pallando's orders without questioning.

The Wraiths of Rhun are trained from the Dark Tent. They are used as heavy infantry in late game, and their ability to poison enemies and drain their health makes them very efficient.



Were-Worm The Were-Worms are vicious dragons that inhabit the mysterious Last Desert in the East. They listen to only those who are stronger than them, and they attack their enemies with fearsome might. As Pallando has bended them to his will, the Free Peoples have a new threat to behold.

The Were-Worm is a flying dragon that can also breath fire, using the Flames of the Last Desert power. The Dragon's Nest fortress upgrade is required if you want to summon one of these powerful creatures. Make sure you keep them away from archers because they are rather vulnerable to arrows.



Dark Tent

Dark Tent The Dark Tent is the place where the most sinister units of the Goblins come from. It is where you can recruit Boldog, the structure hero of Goblins and train Balchoth Archers and Wraiths of Rhun. The Dark Tent costs quite much, so it should not be used in early game. However, the units that are trained from the Tent are strong and you might want to use them as early as possible.


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