The faction of Isengard has been updated. Now you can defeat your enemies with the fast and fearsome Uruk Raiders, stop cavalry with the Half-Orc Spearmen, and annihilate enemy forces with the new Ringhero, Black Eagle. Isengard has now several new strategic options that you can unleash on the battlefield.



Mauhur Mauhur is an Uruk of Isengard and he is loyal to his master, Saruman. He uses his bow as his primary weapon, and he is a deadly archer and a cunning leader. Mauhur was part of Ugluk's Raiders, but he got killed by the Rohirrim at the Eaves of Fangorn.

Mauhur is a good early-mid game hero. He can move unseen with his Stealth ability and boost the armor and speed of Uruk Raiders with the useful Swift March power. Mauhur can poison and slay a large number of troops quickly with his power called Toxic Strike.



Wulf Wulf is named after a Wildman chieftain who claimed the Throne of Rohan for himself during the time of Helm Hammerhand. Wulf swore allegiance to Saruman and promised to lead the Wildmen of Dunland to battle against the Rohirrim. He shows no mercy and violently kills anyone who stands against Isengard.

Wulf is the Structure Hero of the Isengard faction. He is recruited from level 3 Clan Steading, and he is definitely worth training. Use his Devastating Flames to burn your opponents and destroy masses of units with the powerful Smash Attack. Wulf can also provide Leadership to nearby Wildmen and Half-Orcs.



Draugluin During the First Age Sauron occupied an island in Beleriand called Tol Sirion. The island became Tol-in-Gaurhoth, the Island of the Werewolves. Draugluin was the leader of the dreadful Werewolves and he was one of Sauron's most loyal servants. He was eventually slain by Huan when Beren and Luthien conquered the island. Draugluin returned to haunt Middle-Earth in this mod and to strike uncontrollable fear in the hearts of the free peoples.

Draugluin is a powerful Werewolf hero. He can slaughter large amounts of enemies on his own and his mighty powers make him one of the greatest heroes of evil. You can use his Heal Allies to replenish the health of allied units, Summon Warg Allies and even boost Draugluin's damage and armor to the ultimate level with his Invincibility ability.


Black Eagle

Morthoron The Black Eagle is a destructive and wise Eagle who turned evil during the Elder Days. He lives in the eastern Middle-Earth in the highest mountains of Orocarni, and he only answers to Sauron's call. When he is summoned to the battlefield, no man can stand before his horrible and ancient might.

The Black Eagle is the new Ringhero of Isengard. He is a flying creature so he can only be damaged with ranged weapons. The Black Eagle has shattering powers, including Black Tornado and the fierce Fires of Destruction which allows the Black Eagle to shoot fireballs over an area with devastating effect.



Uruk Raiders

Uruk Raiders The first Uruk-hai of Isengard were sent to hunt down the Fellowship and capture the Ring-bearer. These abominable Raiders are fast and only care about completing their mission. Their incredibly quick legs and tremendous strength give them a great advantage in battle.

Uruk Raiders are swift Hero Slayers who are also powerful against pikemen. They are trained from level 2 Uruk Pit and they are useful also in early game. Uruk Raiders can also be used as scout units, but avoid archers because they are vulnerable against arrows. To give Uruk Raiders the ability to automatically heal themselves, upgrade them with Orc Draught.


Orc Overseer

Orc Overseer In order to build an army worthy of Mordor, Saruman had to have overseers who were able to train the Uruk-hai. These orcs did not fight in the armies of Isengard, but they were able to train violent warriors who could match the Men of Rohan.

The Orc Overseer is a weak but useful unit recruited from level 3 Uruk Pit. He can train Uruks, Orcs and Half-Orcs and he is a good addition to your army in late game.


Uruk Bombers

Uruk Bombers The gunpowder of Saruman was an invention that gave Isengard a huge advantage in the Battle of Helm's Deep. Some of the Uruks used the deadly new weapon in their crossbows, allowing them to shoot explosive arrows. The devastating gunpowder allows the Uruk Bombers to destroy battalions of enemies with one single shot.

Uruk Bombers are elite ranged units that can easily wipe out both units and structures. Although they are very powerful, be careful when using them; they can damage allied units and structures and they are quite vulnerable against fast cavalry. Uruk Bombers are trained from level 3 Siege Works.


Orcs of Lugburz

Orcs of Lugburz The Orcs of Lugburz, or Barad Dur, were sent to join the Isengard forces and to inspect Saruman's doings. Even though these orcs cannot cause much havoc in battle they are strong when attacking in large numbers.

Orcs of Lugburz are weak early-game swordsmen. They are trained from the Inn for a very low price, so you can use them in small rushes in the beginning of the game.


Half-Orc Spearmen

Half-Orc Spearmen Saruman was able to fuse orcs and wildmen to create a furious race known as the Half-Orcs. They are stronger than orcs: they match Men as well, but they are not very intelligent. Saruman used these tireless warriors in the Battle of Helm's Deep, and some of them followed their master to Shire after the destruction of the Ring.

Half-Orc Spearmen are elite pikemen trained from level 3 Clan Steading. They can debuff enemy units with their terrible Battle Cry power and they are particularly strong against cavalry attacks.


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